Caring for your hair extension properly

Hair extensions are increasingly becoming popular among women the world over. Hair extensions are not just stylish and fashionable, but they are also more like a must-have for people with scanty hair or those suffering from hair conditions such as alopecia. There are several types of hair extensions in the market, but how long they can last is greatly determined by how well you take care of them. It is apparent that buying a premium quality hair extension requires a lot of sacrifice because they do not really come cheap. Therefore, it’s logical to properly care for your hair extension in a bid to prevent problems such as breaking, fraying and tangling. Here are some major tips for caring for your hair extension so they can stay in a good state and last for long.


  • Washing your hair extensions

First of all, if you are not using heavy oils on your hair extensions, then there is no need to wash them quite often. The reason is that the more you wash them, the more they are likely to depreciate. Well, instead of washing your hair extension on a weekly or biweekly basis, it’s better for you to use your best judgment and wash them only when there is a lot of product buildup. Luckily, you can always tell your extension needs washing the moment styling it becomes difficult. Averagely, you can wash your hair extension about once a month and while at it, remember to nourish and moisturize it with alcohol and sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.


  • Dry your hair extension properly

After washing your hair extensions, it’s advisable to always air dry them in a cool corner to prevent any heat damage. Avoid blow drying your hair extensions after every wash as this could easily result in breakage. That said, if you must blow dry your hair extension because you are in a hurry to wear it, be sure to use a heat protectant spray on it to also prevent heat damage.


  • Avoid certain products

Your choice of products constitutes an important part of caring for your hair extensions. It should be noted that using the right products will keep your hair extensions soft and free from tangles. When buying shampoos, conditioners and other products for your hair extension, be sure to go for those that are free from ingredients such as alcohol and sulfate. The reason is that these ingredients have a way of striping the hair from its natural oil, thereby causing the hair extension to become drier and more prone to tangling and matting. Moreover, avoid sticky products, such as hair gel, hair wax and hair sprays since they can easily clog up your hair extension and force you to wash them more often. Of course, we have already established the fact that washing your hair extensions often will cause them to depreciate faster.


  • Color or dye your hair extension the right way

Hair extensions are usually available in different shades and it’s your choice to maintain the color or change it into something else. However, when you make the decision to change the color of your hair extension, it’s better to take it to professionals than just doing it by yourself. Rest assured that hair care professionals have some unique tips for dying hair extensions, while simultaneously maintaining their quality.


And finally, brush your hair extensions properly to reduce shedding and breaking. It is evident that brushing your hair extension properly before washing as well as during and after each use will go a long to reduce breaking, thereby increasing its lifespan.