About Us

Velvet Luxe Ltd is a leading online store that offers a variety of excellent quality hair extensions to a multitude of clients across the world. We specialize in providing and distributing 100% unprocessed virgin hair that enhances the appearance of women by making them look more elegant, beautiful and above all confident.  Our product assortment is comprised of carefully selected high quality luxury human hair, including both custom made and standard machine-made wigs. Our collection actually includes Body wave bundles, Curly hair bundles, Water wave bundles, and Straight hair bundles, etc, all of which are available with closures and frontals. Of course, we also have a range of different grades, textures and styles that are suitable for everyone.


Velvet Luxe Ltd was created from a place of love and the passion to see women look beautiful in good hair. This explains why we pride ourselves in providing high quality human hair in a market which is increasingly getting saturated with all sorts of fake and inferior quality hair. Our hair extensions are actually game changers for luxury hair lovers, wig lovers, clip-in users, ponytail lovers and bundles lovers. Rest assured that by dealing with us, you would be purchasing luxury hair from one of the most reliable online stores in the beauty industry.


Our hair originates mainly from Asian countries, including, Cambodian, Burmese, Mongolian Indian, Vietnamese and Laotian. Best believe that all of the hair provided by Velvet Luxe Ltd is 100% natural, with a natural shine since they are sourced from Asian donors who do not use chemicals on their hair.


Velvet Luxe Ltd is proud of its on-going commitment to not only make shopping hair easier for women, but to equally offer its clients value for their money through a selection of different premium-grade hair which are all 100% authentic. We are fast, reliable and equipped with an excellent customer service staff, which is available 24/7 to respond to all the queries, and concerns of our clients.





Why choose Velvet Luxe Ltd

  • Excellent quality hair

We sell nothing else, but premium quality hair, which is 100% authentic and natural. Our hair extensions have been carefully selected from Asian donors who never used chemicals or any other harsh products on their hair. Therefore, our hair extensions are totally safe to wear every day without resulting in any damage to your natural hair. Unlike other hair extension shops, our products are tangle free, durable and can last for many years.


  • Variety of products

Velvet Luxe Ltd also offers a variety of hairs, which appeals to all women, irrespective of their unique tastes. Our collection of hair typically comprises of different varieties, such as straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair and water wave bundles, etc. These hair extensions also come with different kinds of closures and frontals. Once you visit our online store, you can be sure to see what meets your unique needs.


  • Versatile hair extensions

Besides offering a variety of products, most of our hair extensions are equally versatile. After all, a girl should have many options and should be ready to try out new hairstyles on different occasions such as weddings, church services, date nights, etc. Fortunately, the hair extensions sold at Velvet Luxe Ltd are versatile since they can be used in making different beautiful hairstyles.

In addition, our hair extensions can be dyed in any other color. Thus, if you crave a change but are not willing to dye your natural hair, you can always change the color of your Velvet Luxe hair extension to whatever you desire.


  • On time delivery

Another reason that has endeared our customers to us is the fact that our deliveries are usually timely. Our online hair extension store is equipped with a highly skilled and experienced staff, which is committed to processing all orders accordingly in a bid to ensure prompt and timely delivery. More so, we use some of the most reliable postal and shipping services because we do not want to keep our clients waiting for their packages for too long.


  • Excellent customer service

The customer service at Velvet Luxe Ltd is of world class standards. Our team is always available to provide answers and solutions to all the questions and concerns from clients. Our staff members are equally friendly, so feel free to ask them any styling question or advice about any of our products. We are available 24/7 for our clients.